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Dana and Valeo collaborate to supply complete 48V electric vehicle systems

Dana Incorporated and Valeo announced a global collaboration to develop and to supply 48-volt electric-vehicle systems for new-mobility applications, including low-speed electric and hybrid e-AWD vehicles.

The first system is scheduled to launch in early 2020 with a major European automaker on series-produced cars.

The joint development will provide customers with complete electromechanical systems for three- and four-wheeled low-speed electric vehicles, as well as hybrid e-AWD applications for passenger cars and crossovers. The systems will be equipped with a Dana-designed Spicer Electrified e-Gearbox and a Valeo-developed electric motor and inverter.

The Dana-Valeo 48-volt systems are comprehensive, low-maintenance, and affordable solutions that can be tailored for all types of low-speed electric and hybrid AWD vehicles.

Combining Dana’s e-Gearbox mechanisms with Valeo’s 48-volt systems, the end-to-end solutions developed through the partnership will contribute to the rise of affordable vehicle electrification. This undertaking strengthens Valeo’s leading position in low-voltage electrification, a technology that will be featured in one-third of cars manufactured worldwide by 2030.

—Xavier Dupont, president of Valeo’s Powertrain Systems business group


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